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Sad Broken Heart Poems
A Broken Heart Still Beats


It may sound like the end of time
the silence of loneliness is quiet
so quiet all you can hear
is the beating of your heart
when you look back and
wonder how it went wrong

It may sound like a tomb
the death of love is quiet
so quiet all you can feel
is the beating of your heart
when you dream of what
should have been all along

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It may sound like a drum
tapping against a skinless shell
so quiet the only rhythm heard
is the beating of your heart
and the song you danced to
stopped on a dead end street

It may feel like you've died
your body is like that skinless shell
you feel invisible but exposed
except for the beating of your heart
Left dancing alone in the streets
yet your realize...
A broken heart still beats.

And... life goes on

You reach out to loyal friends
and they gladly take your hand
so gently they pull you in
and together your hearts fill
with a new joy for life
and confidence replaces fears

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You get in touch with an inner soul
and find yourself still, becoming you
you know that memories last
and your heart is warm but cooled
the flame that came with heated love
is finally smothered by tears

You see a fresh beginning launch
and the world feels bright and new
you surround yourself in music
and your heart taps to an upbeat tune
the streets are filling with friendly faces
and your voice is singing something true

Your eyes at last are opened wide
and the bolt becomes unlocked
your happiness is free to let loose
and your heart is peacefully content
you will again let someone in to love
mended your realize...
that broken hearts, still beat for you!

By Conniej

More Broken Heart Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]


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