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Beautiful Poems For Her
A Reason to Love Again


Allow me one moment love

To tell you how much you have changed my life

How you make my world worth living in

And how you can make me smile

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At the fact that I've never been this happy

I've never felt so safe in someone's arms

Like nothing else matters and when I'm with you

the world is no longer there


There's just you and me

And the feeling between us

And I can remember the times in the past

When i never thought I could be happy again


But you proved me wrong

You gave me a reason to be happy

And showed me that loving him was nothing like loving you

All I can think about now Is how lucky I am

To have found someone so perfect

Someone who can make me feel beautiful

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Even after I wake up in the morning

So I wonder now If you weren't to have come into my life

Would I be able to smile at this point in time?

Could I even take a breath of air?

Or stop for a minute not to cry?


Thank you, love.

You have given me the world

You have given me a reason to live

A reason to smile again

And a reason to love again.

My angel.

More Beautiful Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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